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As a mother, knowing your child is happy is the greatest gift you can receive. DeafBlind Ontario Services has given my son, John, a happy and fulfilling life and for that I am forever grateful. Here is our story.

John was born three months early in January 1983, weighing just over one pound. As a preemie, doctors told us that birth defects, including vision and hearing losses, were possible.

I was left wondering what kind of life John would have, but I refused to allow my worry over his future to spoil the joy of having him with me at last. When he finally came home, on Mother’s Day, it was the best gift a mom could ask for.

At age two John was assessed as being deafblind. This is a combination of hearing and vision loss that is unique to each person but often affects access to information, communication and mobility. Throughout his childhood we struggled to find the right support for his particular needs.

But after graduating high school, things became more difficult.

Where his peers’ options and horizons seemed to expand before them, John’s seemed to close down. Stuck at home, yearning for an independent adult life, John quickly became despondent and unhappy.

This was until we found DeafBlind Ontario Services. They provide him with the unique support he’d been missing, empowering him to live the life he deserves.

We all need a sense of direction and purpose. When you give, you’re helping to create a better future for people like John.

Today, John lives in a supported living home in Jackson’s Point. He finally has independence thanks to support from his intervenors and relishes the tasks we all take for granted, like doing the laundry and making his own meals. He has also volunteered at a nearby restaurant and feels like a part of the local community. He enjoys spending time in nature, with Lake Simcoe and a lovely park nearby.

DeafBlind Ontario Services’ support has given John the confidence to thrive. He now communicates using ‘supported typing’ on an iPad and expresses his sweet, gentle nature and great sense of humour on a daily basis. He chooses his own activities and embraces adventure. A few years ago, we literally watched him “take off” on a trip to Ottawa with his intervenors. It was an emotional moment and I can’t wait to see where life takes him next.

This Mother’s Day, your personal gift of $55, $75, $110 or whatever you can give, will help DeafBlind Ontario Services support more people like John in living their best lives. 

Everyone deserves to find the same independence and joy as John. This is why your donation is so important. Will you help people like John to spread their wings by making a donation today?

Thank you for helping to share happiness this Mother’s Day, and beyond.

With gratitude,


Grateful mom & long-time supporter

P.S. Please give generously to support the unique needs of people who are deafblind, as well as those who are Deaf, hard of hearing and non-verbal with a developmental disability, in living their best lives!

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