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Intervenor Services

Intervenor communicates with Carla using sign languageIntervenor Services provide the person who is deafblind with accurate information in an appropriate manner to enable them to make choices, plan future actions, communicate successfully, navigate their environment and achieve as much independence as possible. Intervenor services are responsive to the changing needs of the person who is deafblind.

An individualized, holistic and person-centered approach to Intervenor Services empowers each individual who is deafblind to achieve as much independence as possible.

With services across the province, DeafBlind Ontario Services’ reach extends into a wide range of communities in Ontario.

Residential Services:

Residential locations across Ontario encourage independent living and community involvement.

Community Services:

  • Community Services – Partnerships offers specialized expertise and services to individuals who are deafblind through their supporting agency.
  • Community Services – Tremplin combines our residential and community services programs, focusing on community involvement during the day while allowing participants to return home every night.
  • Community Services – Bridge provides customized training opportunities for organizations that support individuals with a sensory loss and/or communication challenges.
  • Community Services – Sensory Exploration Arts (SEA™) fosters artistic expression through visual art, music, drama, and dance.
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