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Integrative Partnership

In fall 2019, DeafBlind Ontario Services and PHSS formed an integrative partnership to jointly advocate for and provide high quality, holistic and robust community supports to individuals who have highly specialized and unique needs across Ontario. In January 2020, a third agency joined the partnership: Community Living Chatham-Kent.

The focus of the integrative partnership will be on strengthening the collective abilities of the three organizations. Our goal is to share knowledge and explore efficiencies, ensuring that the people we serve who have unique, specialized, and complex needs are the number one priority.


Established in 1988, PHSS (Participating, Housing, Support and Services) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting people with developmental disabilities and/or complex physical needs so they can live in their own homes, participate in the community, and enjoy life with family and friends.

Community Living Chatham-Kent

Community Living Chatham-Kent is a non-profit charitable organization enriching the lives of people who have diverse abilities by providing quality services, and meaningful and inclusive opportunities. For 65 years, the agency has ensured that all people live in a state of dignity, share in all elements of living in the community and have the opportunity to participate effectively.

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