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Sara has called one of DeafBlind Ontario Services’ supported living homes in Peterborough her home for the past eight years. When she first moved in, the home was a good fit for her needs. She found a community of friends who, like her, were on a journey to embrace life to the fullest. The support from her dedicated Direct Support Professionals (DSP) has been invaluable to Sara. These professionals empower individuals like Sara by assisting with communication, skill-building, information gathering, language development, and relationship-building.

While Sara enjoyed her time in the home, its lack of accessibility posed challenges in her daily life. “Simple tasks, such as doing laundry, became obstacles due to the stairs” says Sara’s DSP. We recognized Sara’s desire for greater independence and with the help of generous donations from our community, we began the transformative renovation project to make Sara’s dream a reality.

The once 4-unit apartment-style home has been extensively renovated to better cater to the needs of the people we support, including Sara. With the addition of two more units, the home now accommodates nine individuals. The renovation prioritized accessibility, incorporating cutting-edge design and equipment to enhance maneuverability, functionality, safety, and independence.

After temporarily relocating during the renovation, Sara is thrilled to return to her newly renovated home. She eagerly chose a vibrant blue paint for her bedroom and plans to decorate her walls with her own beautiful artwork.

Sara’s new suite is thoughtfully designed with accessibility in mind, featuring an accessible kitchen and bathroom, an elevator, handrails, and automatic door openers. Essential safety features such as flashing fire alarms and doorbells also ensure her well-being.

Sara is a woman of many passions, from painting and yoga to photography, swimming, and enjoying movies like “Freaky Friday.” With her fully accessible home, Sara now has the freedom and opportunity to pursue her interests fully. “I’m really excited about the garden space in the backyard and looking forward to gardening this spring!” says Sara.

.Sara is shown preparing to pack some of her things for her move. She is smiling and standing in front of a linen closet with a cardboard box. Sara is shown standing in her previous home. She looks directly at the camera and is smiling.

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