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Communication 101: Bridging The Gap
Jan 17, 2022Virtual
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Formerly known as Total Communication Approach Workshop This unique workshop provides learning opportunities for organizations or individuals who are looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of individuals with a sensory loss and communication need. This interactive workshop will address: – Sensory Loss – Characteristics and Implications – Total Communication
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Personality Dimensions
Feb 7, 2022Virtual
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Join DeafBlind Ontario Services for an interactive virtual workshop of self discovery. Develop a better understanding of and appreciation for yourself and others. Build stronger teams and optimize team performance. Identify personality strengths, similarities and potential challenges. Elevate morale and enthusiasm. Registration deadline is January 23, 2022 at 11:30pm. For
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Introduction to Sensory Loss
Apr 11, 2022Virtual
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This workshop is for organizations and individuals looking to gain knowledge and understanding of vision and hearing losses. This interactive workshop will address: Sensory Loss: ‘Sensory loss’ is a term used to describe loss of the distance senses i.e. sight and hearing – Improve understanding and raise awareness of factors
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DeafBlind Ontario Foundation is always honoured to be the recipient of third party fundraising initiatives. It is through the ongoing support of such community partners that we are able to continue providing the highest level of services to the people we support.

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