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Alec is 23 years old and he is deafblind.

Alec says, “Deafblindness isn’t the same for each person. For me, I hear some sounds with hearing aids, and I have limited sight with thick glasses.”

Alec recently moved out of his parents’ house in Sturgeon Falls and into his own place — a DeafBlind Ontario Services supported living home about an hour away in Sudbury and it’s the first time he’s lived away from his family.

DeafBlind Ontario Services takes a holistic approach to providing an array of services that are customized to each person’s unique needs, language and method of communication, and goals to increase their independence and enrich their life. Supported living homes provide accessible, barrier-free, affordable housing and access to support services 24/7.

“I have my own space and get along well with my two roommates. I make my own meals and do some household chores. I’ve also started attending classes at the local college and got a part-time job at a diner.” he says.

“Living here means I also have intervenors who help me communicate. They are trained to act as my ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ to help make sense of the world around me. Right now, our intervenors are helping us get our home ready for the holidays and we’re all pitching in.”

Professional intervenors connect the person with deafblindness to other people and their community as a communication partner. By facilitating the exchange of information and assisting with communication methods, intervenors empower people with deafblindness to thrive. DeafBlind Ontario Services’ professional intervenors support people with deafblindness to gain independence, build their life skills, and actively participate in all areas of their lives.

“I love all the lights, and decorating the tree — but holiday baking is my favourite thing to do this time of year! My mom, Lise, and I used to bake together all the time. Her peanut butter balls are the best, and I’m excited to teach my intervenors her recipe. It’ll be a treat for us all.”

“I love it here! I’m so happy to be able to live on my own.”

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