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DeafBlind Ontario Foundation Logo


Inspiring investment in the future of individuals who are deafblind, Deaf, hard of hearing and non-verbal.

DeafBlind Ontario Foundation raises, invests and directs funds to DeafBlind Ontario Services to enhance programs which support the individuals they serve. 

Our donors are our partners.  Through your investments, we are working together to build independence and confidence.

Transforming lives, one gift at a time

Founding Board Members

Jim Dadson's Headshot. Jim, an older man with a white beard and glasses smiles at the camera.

Jim Dadson, President & Chair

Gwen Elling’s Headshot. Gwen is wearing thick rimmed glasses with her hair tied back; she smiles at the camera.

Gwen Elling

Martha Beaumont’s Headshot. Martha is smiling at the camera with wavy blonde hair and is wearing a scarf.

Martha Beaumont

Jennifer Moore's Headshot. Jennifer has chin length blonde hair with bangs and is wearing a blazer and statement necklace.

Jennifer Moore

Martin Mazza’s Headshot. Martin has dark hair and dark eyes. He is wearing a suit and tie.

Martin Mazza

Malcolm Ross

Malcolm Ross

DBOF Board New

Sharon McGuigan

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