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Employee Testimonials

Welcome to the best job you will ever have!

In my role, I get to positively impact the lives of people I support everyday. I have learned so much from these individuals and created amazing bonds.

DeafBlind Ontario Services is a fantastic place to work. It has offered me many opportunities to develop and grow. I feel valued and well supported within my role and look forward what the future brings for us.

DeafBlind Ontario Services takes pride in our training. I have worked at many different residential settlings and they are by far the best training I have had.

I am proud to work for an organization like this. The care and the attention that is put forward is something I have not seen before in my past work experience.

The staff are wonderful. Everyone is so helpful and happy which shows that the organization really cares about their employees. Plus the amount of training is amazing… It’s been 10 years since I’ve been a ‘new’ employee, so that’s been very helpful. It’s nice to be happy to go to work again!

I can’t describe how rewarding it is to see the sign of recognition or understanding in a person I’m supporting, indicating that we have made a connection. This is what has kept me working in this field, so much so that at times I can’t believe that I am actually getting paid for what I do!

Two women seated and conversing in sign language
Intervenor smiling assisting a man in painting a craft at the kitchen table.
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