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Funding Priorities

The people we serve require a variety of supports beyond daily support services. Access to resources such as specialized equipment, wheelchair accessible vans, accessible home renovations and assistive devices, as well as recreational and social programs improve their quality of life and offer enriching experiences.

Your support will help in the following areas that do not receive government funding:

Highest Priority Needs

Directing your gift towards our highest priority needs provides the most flexibility on where it’s needed most.  It also builds a secure foundation for the organization’s future operations with the ability to innovate.

Know that your gift will enhance the lives of people supported and make a difference! 

Accessible Housing

DeafBlind Ontario Services’ supported living programs provide accessible, barrier-free, affordable housing, and access to supports 24/7. Our locations are specially designed to support the unique needs of individuals with sensory loss, making a house into a home.

Increasing prices of housing and new construction impact our ability to build new or renovate homes to be fully accessible. Housing that makes a difference in the lives of the people we support, and encourages independent living for those with sensory loss and physical challenges.

Enriching Experiences

Assistive devices to enhance communication, equipment to increase accessibility, recreational programs to enhance quality of life and sensory excursions to explore new places all translate into meaningful life experiences.

A holistic approach to providing support services are customized to each individual’s unique needs, method of communication, and goals to increase their independence and enrich their life.  Your investment into these programs will help build a sense of confidence and give them the tools to accomplish ordinary and extraordinary things.


Many of the people we serve have additional physical disabilities and medical issues, resulting in transportation, mobility and accessibility challenges.  Your gift towards the purchase of a wheelchair accessible van will provide opportunities to attend employment or volunteer opportunities, access health care services, and complete everyday errands.

An intervenor pushes a young man in a wheelchair up a ramp into an accessible van.
Intervenor and young man supported sit on a couch, reading a large book with pictures.
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