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Accessible Technology is Essential to Social Connection

During a time when we are physically separated from family, friends, and our peers, technology helps to bridge the gap and encourage social connection from afar. Although checking social media platforms, browsing the internet, and navigating video and audio streaming...

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Parting Ways with the DBNO

DeafBlind Ontario Services has resigned from the board of the Deafblind Network of Ontario. DeafBlind Ontario Services was a founding member of the Deafblind Network of Ontario, a group of individuals, organizations and service providers who work together for the...

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Together we are Better

The word “community” is defined as a group of people with certain commonalities, residing within a particular area. DeafBlind Ontario Services has programs and support services in remote locations and urban centres in many areas of Ontario. “Social connectedness and a...

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A Day in the Life of an Intervenor

“Fulfilling”, “collaborative”, and “supportive” are some of the words used to describe the role of an intervenor. A job title that is unfamiliar to many, yet a career that is on the rise. Intervenors provide visual and auditory information to individuals with...

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Interview with Dr. Walter Wittich

We are pleased to highlight the work and achievements of Dr. Walter Wittich, Ph.D., FAAO, CLVT, a pioneer Canadian researcher in support of people with deafblindness.  “I am not visually and/or hearing impaired, nor am I part of the deafblind community. However, I...

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Spirit of the Season Year-Round

“It was 2007 and my husband, Milne, and I were out for a walk. The remodelling of a home in our neighbourhood piqued our curiosity... It looked like it was being improved with a specific purpose,” said Mary Lou Oakes. “Intrigued, we knocked on the door to learn more....

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A Sense of Community

“Knox United Church are more than just our neighbours on Northumberland Street, they are a community that has warmly welcomed the people we support with deafblindness”, said Amanda Albrecht, Client Services Advocate at DeafBlind Ontario Services. Deafblindness, a...

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