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Spirit of the Season Year-Round

“It was 2007 and my husband, Milne, and I were out for a walk. The remodelling of a home in our neighbourhood piqued our curiosity... It looked like it was being improved with a specific purpose,” said Mary Lou Oakes. “Intrigued, we knocked on the door to learn more....

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A Sense of Community

“Knox United Church are more than just our neighbours on Northumberland Street, they are a community that has warmly welcomed the people we support with deafblindness”, said Amanda Albrecht, Client Services Advocate at DeafBlind Ontario Services. Deafblindness, a...

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Aging with Deafblindness

Aging can be a challenging time for anyone. For 71-year old Viola, aging with deafblindness means an increased need for support as her field of vision narrows and range of hearing decreases over time. Vision and hearing loss are often part of the aging process....

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Endless Possibilities with Intervenor Services

For many Canadians, it can be difficult to imagine what it must be like to live with a combined loss of vision and hearing. For Amanda, this is the reality. Born premature, Amanda has Cerebral Palsy along with profound hearing loss and very little vision....

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The Impact of Specialized Support

Many stories about professional caregiving connect the reader to the individual receiving services and support. But for the other caregivers, the family, the impact is equally as meaningful.For Ray and Nicole Coutu, the support DeafBlind Ontario Services...

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