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Supported Volunteer Placements

Inclusion in the community is a natural goal for everyone, including people with deafblindness. You can make a difference in the life of an individual with deafblindness.

Provide a volunteer placement for a person with deafblindness for 1-2 hours/ week in a supported volunteer position at your place of business. Individuals with deafblindness are 100% supported in their volunteer placements to ensure success for both the individual and the business.

Intervenor and man supported stand on opposite ends of a table in a restaurant where the man has a supported volunteer placement. The intervenor places her hand over the man’s, assisting him with wiping the table.

Benefits to Business:

  • No recruitment costs
  • Little to no supervision necessary
  • Loyal, dependable volunteer
  • Demonstrate your commitment to social inclusion to staff, customers and the community
  • Listing as a Community Partner on DeafBlind Ontario Services’ website

Individuals with deafblindness who participate in volunteer placements are fully supported by intervenors of DeafBlind Ontario Services. Intervenors provide visual and auditory information to individuals with deafblindness.

We will work closely with your business to identify the position requirements, tasks and goals necessary to support your business. The intervenor will communicate this information to the person with deafblindness.

Become a community partner! Please call us at 1-855-340-3267 ext. 262 for more information!

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