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Deafblind Ontario Services Blog

Provincial Election 2014

The Government Relations Committee of our board has been working on an Election Kit to aid our supporters in our latest advocacy campaign.

Due to the timelines of the election, which occurs on June 12, 2014, this campaign will have two phases.

25 Years of Endless Possibilities

DeafBlind Ontario Services is celebrating 25 years as the largest not-for-profit organization in Ontario providing Intervenor, residential and other specialized services to individuals who are deafblind in communities throughout the province.

25 years of service

DeafBlind Ontario Services is proud to celebrate 25 years of offering 'senseable' residential and other specialized services to individuals who are deafblind across Ontario.  Over the last 25 years, we have created 26 homes and provided services to over 65 clients.


Human... I am only human!!!!

The link below is a YouTube video that was created by United Families of Eastern Ontario (UFEO).  It illustrates the struggles that families of children, youth and adults with developmental disabilities experience waiting for supports and services they need. UFEO hopes to share this video with the Select Committee on Developmental Services to advocate for change within our provincial government.


Moving on from Megan’s Place

The article 'Moving on from Megan’s Place' featured in the Ottawa Citizen discusses the challenges faced by many parents – finding residential services that cater to the needs of their adult children who are deafblind.  Click the link below to read Megan's story.