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Deafblind Ontario Services Blog

Voluntary Sector Reporting Awards

We’re thrilled to announce that DeafBlind Ontario Services has been nominated for a Voluntary Sector Reporting Award!

15 finalists were announced in Canada's largest charity awards - the Voluntary Sector Reporting Awards (VSRAs) on December 3rd. The VSRAs recognize Canada's best charity annual reports. There are 15 finalists in five categories.

Budget news

An excerpt from the report of the Standing Committee on Estimates, Ministry of Community and Social Services from November 4, 2014:

"This year's provincial budget increases our support for these programs by nearly $14.6 million over the next three years. This represents a 4% increase to the base budget of $142 million.

Understanding Consent, Capacity and Decision-Making Options

Understanding the laws related to decision making in Ontario can be overwhelming for most people. This session will highlight the provisions of the Health Care Consent Act, the Substitute Decisions Act and the Mental Health Act as they relate to individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families, as well as the implications on service providers. In particular, the session will focus on explaining the limits of the current legislation relating to matters affecting people’s property and personal care. In addition, ideas and options for law reform, especially with respect to supported decision making options, will be raised and discussed.