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Proposed Funding Changes - an update


Our residents with congenital deafblindness are arguably among the most vulnerable populations in the province.   On their behalf, our staff, board members, and volunteers and families of our residents have been active in ensuring each of their MPPs get our message, either through in-person visits or through a letter outlining our concerns about the proposed funding allocation model.


The response we have been online casino au getting from MPPs is nothing but supportive.  Because of you, and your efforts, our advocacy is working.


Yesterday, we were part of a productive meeting with the Ministry and other deafblind service providers.   It appears that the Ministry has heard our concerns and is prepared to re-work the proposed funding model for Intervenor services.


However, given that there are limited dollars available within the Intervenor services sector, our concerns remain and we still face a significant challenge.  The sector needs another 10 million dollars over the next 3-5 years to meet the demand for high quality Intervenor services.


We need to continue to work together and be the voices of our residents.  Contact your MPP today.

Proposed Funding Changes


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Our first post is a big one. 


For the past six years, the Ministry of Community and Social Services have been undertaking a review of Intervenor Services in the Province of Ontario. The guiding principles supporting the transformation included equitable access to Intervenor services and a sustainable service system.


In the last few weeks, agencies who provide intervenor services have begun to receive information outlining a proposed funding allocation model, that if implemented will have devastating effects on the current service provided in all agencies supporting people who are congenitally deafblind.


The majority of our residents fall in the group that will experience as much as a 45% reduction to our current level ???????????? ???????? of service.


DeafBlind Ontario Services’ model of one-on-one intervention is critical to our residents’ growth and achievement of independence in their lives.  Individuals with deafblindness need to have specialized support which are built around each individual’s unique needs, strengths and abilities.


The philosophy of Intervenors is “Do with, not for”. They do not act as caregivers but assist people who are deafblind with communication and life skills to become more independent. The proposed funding cuts will significantly limit the amount of time Intervenors have with our residents, silencing their voices and eliminating their involvement in the community.


We cannot and will not stand by and watch the philosophy of Intervenor services be minimized because of changes to government funding.


While we understand the fiscal constraints that the Government of Ontario is faced with in these economic times, we strongly urge that the Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS) to reconsider the proposed funding allocation model so that we can provide the level of Intervenor services these individuals both need and are entitled to.  We are also asking the government of Ontario for additional resources to adequately serve all deafblind Ontarians.


Our residents NEED us to be their voices.  Write, visit or call your local Member of Provincial Parliament and ask them to bring these concerns forward.


To locate your MPP, visit http://ontla.on.ca/web/members/members_current.do?locale=en