People who are deafblind require access to Intervenor services around-the-clock in order to communicate

Summer Students

DeafBlind Ontario Services believes in offering young professionals the opportunity to learn and grow in their field. Every year (HRDC funding permitted) we hire students who are passionate about expanding their skills and building a successful career. We offer summer jobs in Intervenor Services, Human Resources and Fund Development across the province.

For more information about summer student opportunities, please contact us by email at recruiter@deafblindontario.com or by phone at 1-855-340-3267.



“My experience at DeafBlind Ontario Services has been tremendously rewarding, enriching, and educational.  It has allowed me to put what I have learned in university into practice, as well as acquire new, valuable skills.  DeafBlind Ontario Services is truly a wonderful place to work.  I had the pleasure of working with incredible people, who have created a very special work environment.  I am incredibly grateful for the experience and will miss coming into work every day.”

Alicia S. - Summer Student, Human Resources


"I can honestly say that my time as a summer student with DeafBlind Ontario Services was a life changing experience. I had no previous knowledge of deafblindness or the role of the intervenor. I remember thinking on my first day, “well how does someone who is congenitally deafblind communicate?” When I met the individuals I was going to work with throughout the summer I was initially amazed at how diverse their communication systems were. The idea of combining sign language, touch cues, tangible symbols, picture cues and calendars into a total communication approach was fascinating to me. The individuals that I worked with were so kind and accepting of me and to this day I am grateful for their patience. It was amazing to see how the organization strives to create meaningful programming based on the needs, interests and goals of each individual they support. I loved going out into the community with the individuals I worked with and seeing them work, shop, learn and play just like everyone else. The intervenors that I worked with that summer were incredible and I am indebted for everything they taught me. I enjoyed being a summer student so much that I applied for a casual position once my summer contract expired. I have been with the organization since 2009 and it has had such a positive effect on me. I have continued to pursue my post-secondary education with the hopes of eventually working as a teacher with students who are deafblind in the school system. DeafBlind Ontario Services provided me with such an incredible opportunity and by doing so I have found a career path that I am passionate about! I would highly recommend to anyone that they take a chance and try the summer student program, it is an amazing experience!"

Stuart W. - Summer Student, Intervenor Services