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Karen and Sean“It's in honour of my brother and my parents’ “vision” that I’m a Friend with Vision & donate monthly.

I’ve been a monthly donor for some time now. When I think about it, it’s the word “vision” in Friends with Vision that means a lot to me.

My brother, Sean, was one of the earliest to benefit from the “vision” that started with a dedicated group of parents whose children were deafblind. That group included my own parents.

In the beginning, these parents worked tirelessly to get housing, support and programming for Sean and his friends, and started this amazing organization.

Since then, DeafBlind Ontario Services’ clients enjoy a better quality of life with dignity and purpose. Each person can reach their potential and be active in the community.

Sean is no longer with us, but his legacy and my parents’ “vision” lives on today in the work of DeafBlind Ontario Services.

It's in honour of my brother and my parents’ “vision” that I’m a Friend with Vision and donate monthly.

Having a regular monthly revenue lets DeafBlind Ontario Services plan for the future.

My daughter, Jennifer, is also a Friend with Vision to honour her uncle Sean.

I’m proud… my family’s proud… to be a part of an organization that’s looking to the future, with vision and purpose.

Please become a Friend with Vision today. It’s so easy, convenient and secure. And, best of all, you’ll truly make a difference.

Thank you from Sean’s family.”

- Karen Becker


Click here for more information about the Friends with Vision program and the convenient ways to set up monthly donations. Or email us at development@deafblindontario.com.