Strategic Plan

Our Vision to 2018

For over a year, we collaborated and engaged with clients, parents, guardians, stakeholders and staff to prepare the new Strategic Plan. The feedback we received played a critical role in its development.

The Strategic Plan is titled: Building on Excellence. This plan will guide DeafBlind Ontario Services from 2015 to the year 2018.

By “Building on Excellence”, we strive to build on our solid foundation that was created in 1989, as we continue to support individuals who are deafblind, providing leadership in deafblind awareness, training, programming and services.

The Strategic Plan is made up of four Strategic Objectives that will guide us to 2018.


1. Service Excellence

Sustain exceptional services for individuals who are deafblind.
Each of our clients has a varying degree of sensory loss. As such, they require their own unique methods of communication and support. We will ensure that our clients’ quality of life is maximized by providing every opportunity to meet their goals and preferences through individualized services. We will develop a proactive approach to identify and respond to changes in clients and their needs. By maintaining a client preference philosophy, we will meet our clients’ goals, desires, preferences and abilities through a person-centered approach.

We will continue to provide innovative services for our clients as we grow as an organization. Further, to maintain our service excellence, we will ensure that the core structure of the organization is not disrupted as we grow.

With the support of our highly certified Intervenors, our clients have the capacity to build their life skills, gain independence and contribute to their community. In this way, we strive to maintain and advance the profession of Intervenor Services to maintain the exceptional quality of services we provide.


2. Communication and Advocacy

Maintain and enhance communication and advocacy for individuals who are deafblind.
As an organization, we will facilitate research in deafblindness. In order to incorporate data and evidence-informed outcomes, we will develop a standard research protocol to direct research initiatives. We will utilize information and data collected about deafblindness to enhance our service excellence.

To support and enhance advocacy for individuals who are deafblind, we will expand our efforts to increase awareness of deafblindness and highlight the uniqueness of the deafblind community to the general public. As such, we will implement a comprehensive Communications, Public Relations and Government Relations strategy.


3. Managed Growth

Opportunities for growth will be evaluated and managed responsibly.
As we grow, we will ensure that we can meet the varying demand for our services with excellence. The mandate of our organization established in 1989 will not be disrupted during growth. In this way, we will continue to develop and implement a strategy for managed growth.

We will support opportunities for organizational growth that align with our mission, vision and values. We aim to explore housing opportunities for individuals with acquired deafblindness. We also strive to expand our external training initiatives.

We will re-examine the social enterprise opportunities we explored in our 2011-2014 Strategic Plan: Proud Past. Dynamic Future.


4. Partnerships

Leverage, diversify and maximize partnerships.
Our Community Services are designed to support the unique needs of individuals with a sensory loss and/ or communication challenges, as well as encourage the development of life and vocational skills along with recreational opportunities. We will continue to expand our Community Services to ensure we provide the best support possible.

Further, we will continue to explore new and expand our current partnerships with respect to residences, service delivery, Intervenor education, research and Government.


Strategic Plan Reporting Document

Click here to view the Strategic Plan Reporting Document - Word Document (27 KB)