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Our Intervenors

Intervenor communicates with hand-over-hand sign language with person who is deafblindIntervenors are professionally trained to act as the “eyes” and “ears” of the individual with deafblindness through the sense of touch.

The philosophy of intervenors is “Do with, not for”. They work with individuals with deafblindness, helping them learn through experience, empowering them to make informed decisions and be active participants in all areas of their lives. Professional intervenors connect the person with deafblindness to other people and their community as a communication partner. By facilitating the exchange of information and assisting with communication methods, intervenors empower people with deafblindness to thrive.

For people with deafblindness, the impact of the intervenor is immeasurable.

Any success we have as an organization can be attributed to one thing…our employees! At DeafBlind Ontario Services, our employees are our strength. We strive to be a top employer in the field by investing in our employees through extensive training, mentoring and other professional development opportunities throughout all levels of our organization.

Intervenor using sign language to communicate with deafblind womanOur intervenors are passionate, collaborative and resilient leaders who are truly limitless!

Ongoing learning opportunities are key to assisting employees in showcasing their talents and exceeding expectations; we are dedicated to helping our employees develop their talents and nurture their career aspirations.

The specialized training of our intervenors has always been a priority at DeafBlind Ontario Services. This was formalized in the development of our TOUCH™ training program, which has strengthened the competencies of those who touch the lives of individuals with deafblindness.

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