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When you visit Bingo World and Gaming Richmond Hill, you are making a positive impact on local not-for-profit organizations, like DeafBlind Ontario Services, while enjoying hours of entertainment.

Bingo World and Gaming LogoFunds raised through Charitable Gaming, also known as ‘cGaming’, go directly back into the community and make a difference. At DeafBlind Ontario Services, they benefit our locations in York Region. Thanks in part to cGaming, we have been able to better pivot our programming and community-based activities to take an in-house approach during the pandemic.

This is especially important because individuals with deafblindness often have additional medical challenges, making them a vulnerable population and at higher risk of experiencing complications from COVID-19. Although the people we support are continuing to stay at home; reducing the risk of spreading the virus, there is no shortage of opportunities to learn life skills, increase independence, and of course have fun.

Our team is constantly thinking outside the box to bring recreational and leisure activities in-house to the people we support. You see passion and creativity come alive when the hallway is turned into a bowling alley using pop bottles as pins and soccer balls as bowling balls. Community experiences that are important to the person supported, like going to Tim Hortons for a tea, are being recreated at home too.

Thank you to Bingo World and Gaming Richmond Hill for helping us to carry out our mission and vision, even during challenging times!

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