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Ian window painting at Christmas Scott window painting at Christmas

You’re not seeing double… Meet Ian (left) and Scott (right), 22-year-old identical twins with deafblindness. Here’s their story and how you can make an impact.

“Born premature, Ian and Scott have Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, and complex medical challenges. At two, we learned they are both deafblind,” says their parents, Paula and Kyle Watson.

Deafblindness is a combination of hearing and vision loss that is unique to each person. It impacts access to information, communication, and mobility.

“In learning that Ian and Scott have some light perception, we doubled our efforts in developing this sense… Through sensory toys with lights, music, and sounds, in addition to physio and occupational therapies.

Over time, we trusted the doctors, therapists, and other members of ‘our team’ to address the boys’ needs, while also ensuring we had time to love and play together as a family.”

In early 2020, DeafBlind Ontario Services became part of the Watson’s team, when Ian and Scott moved into one of their Supported Living Homes in Sudbury.

You too can be part of this team. Show your support for people like Ian and Scott today.

“Intervenors, who act as the ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ of people with deafblindness, mean the world to us. They ensure each person is supported to live full, meaningful lives.”

“They consider the boys’ likes, dislikes, and goals. Scott is very serious; he is wiser than his years and a real thinker. Ian is always smiling and ready to crack jokes. The two love to be around each other.

 DeafBlind Ontario Services’ holistic approach means that Scott and Ian continue to thrive as individuals, while remaining together.”

Like you, Ian and Scott have goals. Your donation will help them continue to reach their aspirations.

“It is wonderful to see them together, living independently of their father and I, while continuing to be the same happy and confident people we have always encouraged them to be.”

DeafBlind Ontario Services offers an array of services that support people like Ian and Scott to live their best lives.

But, we can’t do it alone. You can make a difference. Make your donation today.

Thank you for being part of Ian and Scott’s team, Paula and Kyle Watson, Ian and Scott’s parents

P.S. Increase your impact. Join our Friends with Vision monthly giving program, to provide ongoing support for people like Ian and Scott throughout the year. Sign up online at

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