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Impact of services noted by Ministry staff

As part of understanding the uniqueness of Intervenor Services, DeafBlind Ontario Services will often hold tours for various staff from the Ministry of Community and Social Services.  Below is an excerpt from an internal MCSS newsletter on their impressions of our residential services.

"It's a new bungalow, much like those around it, nestled at the end of a sleepy, dead-end street in a small town north of Toronto. The only clue that perhaps this might not be just another family home is the large accessibility ramp that wraps around the side and the front.

DBCO Position Paper - Feedback Wanted!

The Deafblind Coalition of Ontario (DBCO) was formed in 2003 after a series of meetings with stakeholders and consumers from Ontario and other provinces. Today, the DBCO is representative of service providers, educators and some consumer groups who all work together with the shared vision of improving the services available to Ontarians who are deafblind.  DeafBlind Ontario Services is a proud member of the DBCO.

Early in January 2014, the DBCO met to create a consistent and equitable process for identifying individuals who may be functionally deafblind.

Intervenor Services Program Policy Framework (MCSS)

The Ministry of Community and Social Services' (MCSS) Intervenor Services program was established in 1981 and serves adults who are deafblind (consumers) residing in Ontario. In 2013/14, funding for MCSS's intervenor services program was provided to 22 community-based agencies that serve individuals with deafblindness.

In 2013, the ministry consulted with consumers, family members, agencies, researchers and other Ontario government ministries on the development of an Intervenor Services Policy Framework. Thank you to all who provided invaluable input and for their overall support of this project.

Select Committee on Developmental Services' Final Report

Please find below a link to an article in yesterday's Toronto Star regarding the Select Committee on Developmental Services' Final Report - Inclusion and Opportunity: A New Path for Developmental Services in Ontario. The report was released at Queen's Park on July 22nd.

Select Committee on Developmental Services' Final Report article in Toronto Star 

For the full report, please see the link at the bottom of MPP Christine Elliott's press release.