Supported Volunteer Placements

Inclusion in the community is a natural goal for everyone, including people who are deafblind. 

Peter at Pasta Plus

You can make a difference in the life of an individual who is deafblind.

Provide a volunteer placement for an individual who is deafblind for 1-2 hours/ week in a supported volunteer position at your place of business. Individuals who are deafblind are 100% supported in their volunteer placements to ensure success for both the individual and the business. 

Benefits to Business: 

  • No recruitment costs
  • Little to no supervision necessary
  • Loyal, dependable volunteer
  • Demonstrate your commitment to social inclusion to staff, customers and the community
  • Listing as a Community Partner on DeafBlind Ontario Services' website

Individuals with deafblindness who participate in volunteer placements are fully supported by Intervenors of DeafBlind Ontario Services. We will work closely with your business to identify the position requirements, tasks and goals necessary to support your business. The Intervenor will communicate this information to the individual who is deafblind. 

Become a community partner! Please call us at 1-855-340-3267 ext. 262 for more information!  

Supported Volunteer Placements Video

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Community Partners

DeafBlind Ontario Services is grateful to the following organizations who have accepted people we support as volunteers or employees, giving them meaningful work experience and building confidence in their abilities:


Christie at Windreach Farms John at East Side Marios Terence at the Firehall
Christie volunteering at
Windreach Farms
John volunteering at 
East Side Mario's
Terence volunteering at the 
Innisfil Fire Department


"At North Park Community Church in London, we have the honour of having 2 great volunteers come from Deafblind Ontario Services to help us out each week. Carla and Esther have been coming for over 10 years now to assist our Children's Ministries by doing various tasks that are unique to helping out our preschool children. Carla is seen almost every week striding down the hall with great excitement. We know it is not easy for her to almost run down the halls of the church, but we see from her exuberance that she loves being here and sees that her job is important.  I know she loves it when we tell her that she is helping the children. So thank you Carla for being you. Esther always arrives at the church office looking for the keys to the rooms that she needs to look after. Her job is important to her and she loves the responsibility of having keys to the building. She takes her work seriously and loves to work independently doing her job. We so appreciate partnering with DeafBlind Ontario Services. Having the girls come each week has helped us to change our perspective on how to communicate and encourage people that we may not have had the chance to come to know except through this partnership. You have opened our eyes and our understanding, and we have grown to love our girls. We look forward to many more years of enjoying your company as we interact together.

Thank you to Esther and Carla for their work well done!"


- Carolyn Veldhuis, North Park Community Church


"We love having Peter here, when he walks in the door my whole insides flutter a bit. Knowing that we can help the community help itself. Peter's smile is priceless to us, we can't get that with anybody else". 


- Anthony Abate, Pasta Plus