Individuals who are deafblind require services that are unique from those designed exclusively for the blind or deaf

Accessibility Guidelines for Sensory Loss

Shine a light on accessibility challenges


Bright Ideas in Accessibility

Did you know that simply contrasting the colour of a light switch and wall plate can make turning on the lights easier for individuals with a sensory loss?

This is just one of the many tips in the Accessibility Guidelines for Sensory Loss from DeafBlind Ontario Services.

Developed for individuals who are both blind and deaf deal with accessibility challenges, this guide can help anyone who has sensory loss. Other accessible design ideas include the use of colour, texture and specialized products.


Accessible Design Resource

The Accessibility Guidelines for Sensory Loss is an essential resource if you are a builder, member of an accessibility committee or government agency, or work in a recreation centre, nursing home or other facility. The guide includes a DIY (Do-it-Yourself) section to improve accessibility in environments used by any individual with sensory loss.


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