Community Services

As DeafBlind Ontario Services grew as an organization, so did our reach across the province. Keeping with our belief that every person who is deafblind should be provided the resources to reach their potential, we created custom tailored outreach programs to augment community supports through collaborations.

DeafBlind Ontario Services is considered a leader in the field and is proud to offer the highest quality Intervenor Services.

Our Community Services are designed to support the unique needs of individuals who are deafblind, as well as encourage the development of life and vocational skills along with recreational opportunities.


Our Community Services are made up of four programs:

Community Services - Partnerships

Offers specialized expertise and services to the individual who is deafblind through their supporting agency. Every partnership is uniquely designed to ensure the needs of the each individual are met in collaboration with the supporting agency.


Community Services - Bridge

Is a program that offers customized training opportunities for organizations who support individuals with a sensory loss and communication challenge (i.e., non-verbal).


Community Services - Sensory Exploration Arts (SEATM)

Is a unique program designed to foster sensory communication through various forms of art, including visual arts, expressive performing arts and music.


Community Services - Tremplin

Focuses on community involvement during the day with the stability of returning home at night.