French Language Services

As the French language is a historic and honoured language in Ontario and is recognized by the Constitution as an official language in Canada, DeafBlind Ontario Services is proud to offer its programs and services in French.

In the fall of 2011, there was a demand for French Language Services in Ottawa Region. DeafBlind Ontario Services embraced this demand as we envision a world where individuals who are deafblind have every opportunity to reach their fullest potential – whether they use English or French as a first language. We began to formulate programs and services that were bilingual so we may better serve the deafblind community.

In the Ottawa Region, clients have access to staff who are French speaking and proficient in LSQ – ‘Langue des signes québécoise’ (French Sign Language). Both our Residential Services and Community Services currently operate in a bilingual capacity in Ottawa Region with fully trained staff.

For more information about our French Language Services, please email us at mcs@deafblindontario.com