Intervenors are specially trained to act as the ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ of the individual who is deafblind.

Employee Testimonials

Tracey V., Manager of Community Services

"As an employee, DeafBlind Ontario Services has provided me with many opportunities for developing and using my skills, for my personal and professional growth, including different training and attending various workshops and conferences.  I have learned new skills, and been able to share some of those with my coworkers as well.  The residents I have had the opportunity to work with are amazing people with a lot to offer.  It is rewarding having the opportunity to influence their lives and work with them as they work to reach their goals and live their lives, and as they have greatly influenced my life as well.

I have many fun and fond memories of my time (thus far) with DeafBlind Ontario Services and the people I have had a privilege of supporting over the years." 

Judy C., Intervenor

“After relocating to London after a five-year military posting, I applied to DeafBlind Ontario Services in 2006, where I have worked [as an Intervenor] ever since. 

 Over the past 10 years, I have been given the opportunity to share sensory experiences, Community Services – Sensory Exploration Arts (SEATM) classes, help move to a new residential location, as well as share holidays and special occasions. I even accompanied a client on a Sensory Excursion. As a result, in my personal life, I am constantly on the look-out for ways to assist the clients or introduce them to something new (by relating to something they’ve already experienced).

 I can't describe how rewarding it is to see the sign of recognition or understanding in a person's eyes indicating that we have made a connection. This is what has kept me working in this field, so much so that at times I can't believe that I am actually getting paid for what I do!”