People who are deafblind require access to Intervenor services around-the-clock in order to communicate

Student Placements

DeafBlind Ontario Services is pleased to provide meaningful learning opportunities to students enrolled in fields of study such as Intervenor, Developmental Service Worker, Personal Support Worker and Social Work. Student placements are for individuals who are required by their college or university to complete a placement with a certain number of hours in their field of study in order to graduate.

For more information about student placements, please email us at communications@deafblindontario.com.


"My experience as a placement student at DeafBlind Ontario Services was amazing. To see how compassionate and dedicated all the Intervenors are is something you don’t get to see every day. DeafBlind Ontario Services is committed to everyone that offers support by teaching them the necessary skills to be the eyes and ears of these individuals. DeafBlind Ontario Services is an outstanding service and I speak highly about them anywhere I go. I believe I am privileged to say that I was able to complete my placement and then to become a casual worker with DeafBlind Ontario Services."

Samantha M., - Placement Student, Intervenor Services


"My time with DeafBlind Ontario Services has been not only educational, but amazingly rewarding. When I started with the organization, I had no previous understanding of a role of an intevnor and the communication process. To this day, I remain fascinated by the art of the use of combining sign language, touch cues, tangible symbols, picture cues and calendars into a total communication system that I am always looking to gain more knowledge about. The time spent with clients, the smiles on their faces and the laughs we shared by the in the moment interactions such as community outings or just simply colouring a picture is memories that I will never forget. Also, the love and compassion that the interveners bring into the environment is absolutely heartwarming and makes every day at work something uniquely special to not only myself, but the lives of the clients. I know that when I walk through that front door every morning, I will be greeted with happy smiles as well as an overwhelming sense of belonging. I loved being a summer student so much that as my summer contract expires, I have the privilege to continue working as a casual intervener as I go on to complete my studies to become a Child and Youth Worker. Deafblind Ontario Services has provided me with such a life changing experience that will help foster not only compassion, but also a stronger sense of empathy into my career path! I would highly recommend the opportunity to learn such amazing skills as I did through the Student Placement position, it was an incredible experience. The best summer experience EVER!!!!"

Jasmine P. - Placement Student, Intervenor Services