Information for Families

The 'Information for Familes' page was developed to provide Parents/Family/Advocates with current information that DeafBlind Ontario Services has acquired over the last 25+ years.  This page will include any changes to service guidelines, policy changes and further information of interest.

Parents/Family/Advocates are instrumental in decisions affecting our clients' lives. A Multi-Disciplinary Planning Team (MDPT) Meeting is held every 18 months where Parents/Family/Advocates are invited and strongly encouraged to attend. The MDPT ensures a Person Centered Approach to goal making; each participant is there to ensure that the client's preferences, desires and strengths are the main focus.


All Parents/Family/Advocates are asked to:

  • Support the mission, vision and values of DeafBlind Ontario Services as approved by DeafBlind Ontario Services’ Board of Directors;
  • Support the overall best interests of DeafBlind Ontario Services;
  • Keep confidential matters confidential;
  • Respect and comply with DeafBlind Ontario Services’ Policies and Procedures as set out by DeafBlind Ontario Services’ Board of Directors and the Ministry of Community and Social Services;
  • Show respect to all staff and Board members as well as other clients and family members;
  • Respect the differences in people, their ideas and opinions; treat one another with dignity and respect at all times;
  • Act in good faith, and with a view to the best interests of DeafBlind Ontario Services at all times;
  • Show proper care and regard for DeafBlind Ontario Services’ property and the property of others.

Parents/Family/Advocates are encouraged to be involved with DeafBlind Ontario Services through a variety of avenues. Parents/Family/Advocates are invited to both special functions within the home of their family member, or functions held by the organization as a whole.

Parents/Family/Advocates are also strongly encouraged to be involved in the progression of DeafBlind Ontario Services by attending fundraising events, participating in advocacy efforts and  by volunteering either on a committee or as a Board Member.




Making a complaint about DeafBlind Ontario Services

DeafBlind Ontario Services strives to continually improve its services and be accountable to its clients, family members and stakeholders. If something is wrong, we want to make it right. The most effective way of resolving a complaint is to bring it to the attention of the Team Leader, who will respond both verbally and in writing within 10 working days in attempt to resolve the conflict.

Please be assured that your complaint will be treated confidentially.

If you would like a full version of the DeafBlind Ontario Services complaints policy, please email us at communications@deafblindontario.com.