Accreditation & Standards

FOCUS Accreditation

2016 FOCUS Re-Accredited


We are excited to announce that DeafBlind Ontario Services has been granted its’ second four-year Accreditation through FOCUS Accreditation Services!

DeafBlind Ontario Services is committed to long-term sustainability and continuous growth while always striving to evolve. We were the first Ontario organization providing Intervenor Services to be accredited in 2012, and are now the first to be reaccredited!

The accreditation process included producing documentation that supported meeting FOCUS’s standards. This 18 month process culminated in a 4 day on-site validation with people using our services, interviewed stakeholders and reviewed documentation.

The FOCUS Accreditation Committee commended us on our reports and committed work to quality improvement. Of the 16 domains and 208 applicable standards, DeafBlind Ontario Services achieved a score of 99.70%! 


Standards of Excellence for People who are Deafblind

In spring 2009, DeafBlind Ontario Services received a grant from The Ontario Trillium Foundation to develop service standards and benchmarks to ensure consistency and accountability of the quality of services delivered to persons who are deafblind. This project is the first of its kind to evaluate services and supports within the deafblind sector.

An advisory committee was formed, comprised of representation from organizations in both the congenital and acquired fields of deafblindness. The standards were piloted in organizations that provide supports and services to people who have congenital and acquired deafblindness. The pilots resulted in feedback and suggestions from a wide variety of organizational staff and volunteers. Most importantly, recommendations from people who live with deafblindness were incorporated into the development of the standards.

Today, we are happy to report that we now have Standards of Excellence for People Who Are Deafblind. This guide provides direction for planning, delivering, and evaluating services for people who are deafblind in four areas of governance, human resources, financial accountability, and direct service. The standards will help organizations develop and deliver practical and appropriate services, based on the premise that people who are deafblind have access to Intervenor services that best suits their needs and desires.

It is the goal of the committee to make the Standards available to all agencies that provide Intervenor Services, ensuring consistency in services for people who are deafblind across Ontario.

For more information on the Standards of Excellence for People Who Are Deafblind, please email us at communications@deafblindontario.com.


Compliance Inspection by the Ministry of Community and Social Services

Service agencies funded by MCSS are required to provide information on its current compliance status and the results of its ministry compliance inspection.  Should you have any questions about the results of DeafBlind Ontario Services' compliance report, please contact us at communications@deafblindontario.com