Our Service Model

DeafBlind Ontario Services developed a service model that was flexible enough to meet the needs of our clients as they aged, or when their needs or desires changed. More importantly, we wanted our service model to reflect the client's goals as much as possible; we call it a Person-Centered-Approach.

To ensure a Person-Centered Approach, a Multi-Disciplinary Program Team assists with goal setting and the development of action plans to achieve those goals.  When goals and action plans are finalized, it will become the Client Program Plan. Each client has their own Multi-Disciplinary Program Team that meets every 18 months; they are comprised of a number of people and groups that have a connection to the client such as family, friends, advocates, community and vocational resources, physical and occupational therapists, medical specialists and DeafBlind Ontario Services employees.  These meetings ensure that the client is receiving the support needed to achieve their Client Program Plan, or to set new goals if necessary.

The Client Program Plan also contains:

  • Client Program Portfolio – detailed information about the various tools used to assess, monitor and review client activities, progress, goals, achievements and challenges. This ensures that our programming is consistent and continues to be tailored to the client.
  • Service Tracking – tracks the service provided, and in turn ensures the activities and programs undertaken enhance the quality of life for the client and gives evidence of services to funding agencies.
  • Service Evaluation – indicates whether program requirements are met and whether the goals are meeting the needs of the client, provides data to the organization allowing for future recommendations on the service delivery model.

We are passionate about our clients and firmly believe they should be given every opportunity to reach their full potential through a service model that is tailored to their specific needs - we strive to hold this belief at the core of everything we do.